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Dalton Kellett 'DK' Logo + STEM Education

As members of society, our mission is to leave the world a better place. As an athlete, Dalton uses his platform to inspire the next-generation of students to pursue STEM careers.

Since 2018, Dalton has worked with Ten80 Education's National STEM League, as their brand ambassador. The NSL is an international K-12 engineering design competition using remote-controlled cars. Dalton supports the teams, representing them in IndyCar and engaging with them at their competitions and through online learning materials.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all of our lives and forcing schools and educators to transition to online learning, the NSL and Dalton teamed up with iRacing to launch the International STEM League iRacing Student Innovation Challenge.

Challenging student teams to design, code, and fabricate their own DIY simulator rigs and race online, the INSL Innovation Challenge offers a safe, stay-at-home option for students affected by the pandemic. 

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